Current Political Arena of Jerusalem

The situation of Palestine and Jerusalem ever heard and seen on TV and other news forums is just depressing. There is bloodshed and destruction and it keeps on increasing everyday especially with the recent Gaza incident.

This situation or the conflict between Israel and Palestine started since early 1900s. To have a more clear view of the recent jerusalempolitical arena in Jerusalem we have to go back centuries to take a look as to why it started. Palestine was under Ottoman rule but after World War I it was under the control of British mandate. Jews from all across the world started settling there to escape anti-Semitism. This created problems and a conflict arose between Palestinians and the Jews about the land. UN proposed a plan according to which the land was to be divided between Palestinians and Israel (the area to be occupied by Jews) with Jerusalem as an international centre. The Arab forces saw it as colonial-theft and they invaded Palestine in 1948. Israeli army retaliated and won that war but they pushed beyond the UN designated boundaries and claimed the land that was not theirs. They also forced out a large number of Palestinians. Those were 700 000 refugees and now they are 7 million, still considered refugees. Since then, the situation is out of control. Contine reading

Yasser Arafat’s Efforts for Jerusalem

yasser arafatYasser Arafat is the name that stays at the forefront when Palestine and Jerusalem are mentioned. His life was a struggle to get Palestinians their right to an independent Palestine, free from Israeli control, and which centres on Jerusalem. This city, also called the Holy City, has been claimed by Jews, Muslims and Christians over the centuries due to its historical, religious and political importance. Arafat firmly believed that Jerusalem had to be Palestine’s capital and Israel has no right on it. He said: “Even if only one guerrilla club survives the prolonged struggle, I am confident that he will raise the flag of Palestine over Jerusalem… Jerusalem is destined be the eternal capital of our sovereign, independent Palestinian state under the PLO leadership.” (Yasser Arafat, Associated Press, 8 May 1979) Contine reading

Jerusalem and its Delicacies

Count the bounties of God and they will never end. Revere them and you will be counted among the best people. Food is definitely meat and breadand unquestionably the most important and best blessing of God. It has been varied and plenty of forms introduced, most of them to be loved! Get out of your house and travel in your homeland and then far and wide, you will experience many different things, among those would be the food, different, delectable and unique. You will be stunned and delighted, feel odd and yet would like to discover new things, be critical and still appreciative at the same time, and then there will be one more place to turn to for a unique and novel experience, without which your travel will be incomplete. That place is the holy city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is not only significant on historical and religious grounds; there is this aura that makes it beautiful and the food is just…ummh! After visiting the historical buildings and roaming about in the city you would like to sit in a fine place to eat. Jerusalem has so much to offer: traditional, Mediterranean, Arab, modern, international and other food variety. It is all there…you just need to sit somewhere and enjoy your meal. Contine reading